Facebook: Topping pattern detected

8 months ago
Facebook             has formed an interesting topping pattern near Q1's high.
Recent price action in the daily, justifies at the very least a retest of the 108-106 zone, but if this level fails to hold, I could see FB             trading closer to the 100 even handle in the near future.

The rally off 2016's low has been intense, and hard to catch up with for eager longs, as well as devasting for traders trying to short it so far.
The levels I labeled on chart, are the support levels to be tested in the near future, which will give us clues of the stock's direction, and the targets we can expect to hit.
Each level is a condition in itself, if crossed with confidence we can expect price to travel to the test the next level below. If price rebounds, it'll head to the level right above it with high probability.

Good luck,

Ivan Labrie.

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Disclaimer: I'm currently short FB             , using an ATR based stop loss, aiming for at least a test of 106, and eventually 102.39.
8 months ago
Trade active
8 months ago
Comment: Let's see if it falls with the market now.
8 months ago
Comment: Excellent, filled at the top, and in good profit now.
8 months ago