Yesterday's price was still in the range. Testing support multiple times.

1.Today price open break yesterday resistance.
2.All EMA uptrend
3. Stoch oversold

However, the Stop loss is too large to take.
Wait for another setup with a good risk and reward ratio.
Comment: 1. The market build-up at the resistance area indicates the price is doing a valid breakout.
2. Price rejects EMA50 indicates a strong uptrend. Entry position.
3. SL 1xATR from recent support.

Managing trade.
1. Once price hit resistance, set BE
Comment: Price respecting the range. Buy low sell high..
Comment: Breakout support..
1. Fake breakout if 15min CS close inside range and vice versa
Comment: Valid breakout because 2nd candle after breakout closes below support.
Looking for sell entry.
Comment: TP fibo extension 1.618 (4369)
Next Gann line is 4357