Trend Lines indicate that Fdev has reached a turning point in it's share price today.

New upper resistance levels looking to form around £18.50.

This is assuming no price sensitive news is released in the meanwhile.

Old resistance levels in dark red at £10.50 and £14.00.

Dark Blue is long term average following trend lines , lighter blue short term from high to high and low to low, horizontal dark red the previous resistance levels, the thin red line is the long term trend.


Hi, I tend to agree with your findings ... but I think you might want to try a different idea for the red long term trend ... maybe try taking a trend line off the 200MA in the 5 year chart view and then drag that up to a higher level's a tricky one to place but it does fit in with the sideways moments in Oct - Nov and in Mar -May and the current SP location on the year chart

IMPO, the Gaming Sector has performed amazing well over the past few years ....and it still has very good upside

Good luck :)