M2 & Fed Funds Rate - A comparison of Dem / Repub& NWO admins

FRED:FEDFUNDS   Effective Federal Funds Rate
M2 nonstop increasing and even faster than ever under Biden and since COVID
Fed funds rate near 0 for entire obama admin-> we are back to 0 again despite Trumpian efforts to raise FFR
this is not a anew trend, if you view Bush Sr as a NWO president (after his 9/11/91 declaration of the new world order speech) rather than a Republican, and compare to Reagan, he is more inline with his son and Clinton during the years Clinton had an all democrat Congress
Republican congress during clinton years explains the only exception to the NWO-dominated stagflation

Global reset = stagflation and end of US dominance, increased Chinese / Catholic church global one world govt control via social credit score system, mark of the beast (under friendlier verbage)