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Fearless Films, Inc. (OTCQB: FERL)
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Please turn your immediate attention to OTCQB:FERL (Fearless Films Inc.).

FERL has been one of our most consistent performers as of late.

In fact, the last time we brought it to your attention it ran up from a low of $0.1010 all the way to a high of $0.1490 for multi-day gains of up to +47%!

FERL appears very attractive at the moment, and we believe it deserves your attention once again.

Last week the Company dropped blockbuster acquisition news that could serve as a major catalyst for a move higher!

Fearless Films expands film, media and movie brands with acquisition of
Wall Street may soon stand up and pay attention to a new streaming player in town called Fearless Films, Inc. (OTCQB:FERL)

It is no secret that the streaming arena has been on the rise and with stay at home orders because of the coronavirus pandemic, the space is on fire!

Names like Netflix , Hulu, Apple and Disney may be dominating the conversation but FERL is looking to make a very BIG name for itself in the arena!

Who would have thought that a decade ago our regimented television timetable, which required us to record shows if we were too busy to watch, would turn into this - a streaming bonanza that allows us to watch the stuff we love whenever we want!

We now enjoy digital binges on the internet and the next ten years is poised for continued growth in the streaming space as it attracts even more customers.

According to Stratistics MRC , the global video streaming market was valued at $26.27 billion in 2015 and is expected to reach $83.41 billion by 2022 growing at a CAGR of 17.9% from 2015 to 2022.

Netflix leads the way as the world's number one streaming service and has produced the stock gains to prove it. An investment of $1,000 into the company in early 2007, (when Netflix first began streaming) was worth more than $110,000 as of midday April 16, 2019, according to CNBC calculations. This was more than $100,000 in profit in a little over ten years!

The problem with Netflix right now is that share prices are over $400! The stock is more than likely not capped out quite yet, but the idea of very fast gains are also off the table.

There's a stock quietly trading in the market right now at mere pennies that is positioned to become one of the next streaming giants. At current share prices the upside could be massive and could be swift!

FERL looks poised to become a real long-term winner in the fast growing multi-billion-dollar streaming sector!

Netflix is spending billions upon billions a year for their original content. According to BMO Capital Markets (h/t Variety), the company will spend $17.3 billion on 2020 content — up from $15.3 billion in 2019. Netflix has also had some expensive flops: the one-season series “The Get Down” cost $120 million and “Marco Polo” cost $200 million.

Not too many companies can rival with this kind of money being spent but FERL is on a mission to produce quality entertainment with affordable budgets.

This independent full-service production company is the branchild of award-winning actor/ producer Victor Altomare along with award-winning writer and director Goran Kalezic!

Movie fans will recognize Victor from the Great Chameleon, Graveyard Story and the Last King. On television you may have seen him in series such as the My Cicco show, Blue murder or documentaries such as Mob Stories, to name a few.

Highlights of Victor's voice talent credits include the acclaimed Resident Evil: Outbreak series, including Resident Evil: Outbreak file # 2.

Victor Altomare: "The growth of streaming media has created rising demand for quality entertainment properties. Fearless Films was founded with the idea of producing quality entertainment with project budgets under $6 million. The Great Chameleon is an example of this strategy in action. We plan to advance a number of new projects that are promising and designed to meet the needs of new-era film distribution platforms."

With a stellar rating on IMDB, The Great Chameleon is a bawdy comedy with dramatic overtones in which the FBI secretly releases master of disguise con man Joe Murky (Victor Altomare) from prison to track down his abducted niece.

With the assistance of his long-time cohort and eccentric make-up artist Max; Joe Murky, aka: Great Chameleon will reach into his whole bag of tricks with his off-the-wall style of disguises as he nears his target. All the while, Murky is hampered by the overzealous parole officer Curry, who has a personal vendetta against him. The Great Chameleon is a crime story with plentiful laughs, and a fun-to-watch experience.

The film has streaming distribution through Amazon Video (UK) and is also available for rent or purchase on Amazon Video, along with Google Play, iTunes, YouTube, and Microsoft XBox platforms. Imageworks Entertainment International, the agent for the film, recently obtained US distribution via Amazon US.

It was in April that the company confirmed its ownership of full rights to The Great Chameleon and it is the first production by Fearless Films. This film forms the cornerstone of the Company's library of intellectual property!

Network TV and the box office films are trying to stay relevant and these entertainment leaders are taking a different approach now: streaming.

Many are looking to seize on the long-term trends of cord-cutting and over-the-top streaming and Fearless Films, Inc. (OTCQB:FERL) is already on the map as a top independent producer winning accolades at most major film festivals with a keen eye for emerging talent!

There could be significant gains ahead for FERL as the company makes its splash into the huge streaming industry!

Fearless Films, Inc. (OTCQB:FERL) is an independent full-service production Company founded by award-winning actor/producer Victor Altomare along with award-winning writer and director Goran Kalezic. The service scope specializes in short film and feature film production in addition to script writing, copywriting, fulfillment and distribution.

All work created by the company is a unique idea, embodied in the life by talented operators, editors and designers. The company can also realize any task associated with video production.

It was in the fall of 2019 that Fearless Films, Inc. (OTCQB:FERL) signed a Letter of Intent with Victor Altomare, the founder of the company, to acquire the rights to up to twelve movies from a library held by Altomare, who is also the President of Fearless Canada, the Company's operating subsidiary. Other films being considered for acquisition are The Lunatic and Bag the Wolf.

Under the terms of the LOI, the acquisition price and consideration for each film will be negotiated separately and payable in cash and shares of the Company, subject to negotiation of the Definitive Agreements and the obtention of mutually satisfactory independent appraisals of the value of each film.

It was in December that the company gave an update and said that it is continuing with its efforts to position itself within the film production industry as the advent of streaming media has created rising demand for attractive content.

What Lies Ahead?

FERL has completed the S-1 registration process for its $5 million equity financing facility with Crown Bridge Partners, LLC.

Funds from the facility will be used to develop the company’s balance sheet by providing capital to complete the acquisition of a film library, enable the Company to participate as a partner with other film producers, and complete its own film projects.

Fearless Films Announces Plan to Accelerate Film Development

Why Fearless Films?

Huge Industry: $124.57 billion by 2025

Fearless Films, Inc. (OTCQB:FERL) is operating in the global video streaming market which is expected to reach a value of USD $124.57 billion by 2025 according to Grand View Research & providers will need to up their spending to offer new, diverse & original entertainment options for their customers.

Huge Opportunities

Companies like Netflix , Amazon, Hulu, etc… are spending upwards of $40 billion towards new original content, creating massive opportunities for companies FERL to meet the demand of these industry powerhouses.

Successful Management

FERL has an experienced and successful management team that will help to further expand its product offerings

People Are Cutting the Cord and are Streaming!

EMarketer forecasts that cord-cutting will grow to 76 million households in 2023 from 46 million in 2019. The company also suggests that pay-TV household numbers will fall from 86.5 million last year to 72.7 million households in 2023.

The omnichannel platform, partnering with Harris Poll, found that the average cord cutter has 3.2 streaming services.

According to nocable. org , in 2018, there were almost 171 million subscriptions to streaming services, which increased by 6.9% in 2019 to 182.5 million. OTT services such as Netflix , Hulu, Youtube TV and Sling lead the way here and are still expected to headline a list of streaming services that will net a total 191.5 million subscribers in 2020.

Some More Statistics...

The top pay-TV providers had a net loss of about 1,740,000 subscribers in Q3 2019. This marked the fifth consecutive quarter of record pay-TV industry net losses.

The proliferation of on-demand streaming content and the decreasing pressure to watch a program the moment it airs has led to a continued shift in consumer habits. Among content types, video on demand now dominates, up 76% year over year in viewing time and live video has grown 32% over the same time period.

Over 60% of Millennials and Gen Z consumers stream video daily!

5G Could Also Make It A Lot Easier to Stream!

5G technology is just around the corner and could be revolutionary for streaming. The tech could be a game changer for high speed data access wherever you go. Streaming is positioned to become faster, smoother and easier, especially in homes with multiple devices.

Optus vice-president of TV content and product development Clive Dickens has said, "Because 5G operates at such high speeds, it can actually match the growing realm of video streaming." Early figures suggest viewers will be able to download 4K movies in a matter of seconds, and buffering video will be a thing of the past!


Fearless Films, Inc. (OTCQB:FERL) was trading at nearly 40 cents at the beginning of 2020. At these levels the stock could see considerable upside and may bounce back to previous highs!

The coronavirus pandemic is showing the world just how essential streaming services are.

"Overall U.S. streaming penetration accelerated significantly in 1Q tied to the self-quarantine and stay-at-home orders across the country," a MoffettNathanson report read.

The economy will not be in lock down forever and streaming giants will be back to business spending a lot of money to create their content.

FERL is proving that you don't need billions to produce good content and could be on their way to becoming a powerhouse in presenting amazing entertainment to the masses.

How big is the streaming market really? Streaming device maker Roku went bonkers last year and skyrocketed nearly 400%!

Numbers Don't Lie, And (( FERL )) Stock Chart Is Starting To Tell A Story...

There is plenty of interest in online viewing and the proof is in the pudding with Roku's performance in 2019.

The landscape of entertainment has drastically changed from a decade ago. To capitalize one must find the best opportunities in streaming video…

As a New Opportunity in the Streaming Sector, Fearless Films, Inc. (OTCQB:FERL) is Looking to Take Advantage of the Multi-Billion Dollar Content Gold Rush!

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