Please Be Calm FET/BTC #FET $FET #FetchAI

BINANCE:FETBTC   Fetch.AI / Bitcoin
Here we see our FET daily chart and you can see the pullback we had ! Almost 25% down from our recent high over 1500 sats . As you can see we've hit a number 8 in red on our TD Sequential 9 indicator , and I expect it will hit the number 9 later today . That is usually a sign of a trend reversal and so I would expect this to go up soon . Pullbacks are normal and healthy for any chart to continue on to the upside . So we are actually under 1100 sats right now but I don't expect it to go too much lower before the turnaround . You see that pink arrow on the chart ? That is pointing at our light blue 50 MA line ( 50 week moving average . ) And that's a very strong support area . I'm not expecting to break below it . Targets for FET stand - a return to 1500 area and above that going to 3200/3420 area . Fib targets will be in linked chart below . Please be calm ! Pullbacks are normal .