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The release of ChatGPT into an open test version allowed everyone to use AI for their own purposes and needs. We were able to independently evaluate all of the benefits of AI. This trend has resulted in a surge in the number of projects in the crypto industry that use AI technologies. This idea is about the most effective and promising projects.
A product ecosystem in which the flagship products are:
  • CoLearn – joint creation and training of a neural network
  • Axim – combining and analyzing ML-based data
  • Atomix – providing stable liquidity and getting profit from the income generated by the protocol

Metrics of the $FET token:
  • Price: $0.27
  • ATH price:$0.9475
  • Market.cap: $220m
  • ATH market.cap: $708m
  • FDMC: $930m
Over the past 2 months, the $FET token has grown 4 times.

A network of decentralized interconnected AI that can be combined to form a single AI that outperforms separate private components. Singularity NET is also a project incubator for AI-based projects in a variety of fields.

Metrics of the $AGIX token:
  • Price: $0.2
  • ATH price: $1.03
  • Market.cap: $235m
  • ATH market.cap:$452m
  • FDMC: $400m
Over the past 2 months, the $AGIX token has grown 2 times

Artificial Liquid Intelligence
A network that aims to create a metaverse called Noah's Ark in order to preserve humanity's culture, history, and collective intelligence. AlethiaAI developed iNFT technology for AI-powered NFT avatar creation, animation, and generation

Metrics of the $ALI token:
  • Price: $0.036
  • ATH price: $0.12
  • Market.cap:$58m
  • ATH market.cap:$86m
  • FDMC: $362m
Over the past 2 months, the $ALI has grown 3 times

A data monetization protocol based on ERC-721 and ERC-20 data tokens. Any user can buy and sell datasets on the project's marketplace

Metrics of the $OCEAN token:
  • Price: $0.26
  • ATH price:$1.7
  • Market.cap: $164m:
  • ATH market.cap: $322m
  • FDMC: $378m
Over the past 2 months, the $OCEAN token has grown 2 times

Layer 1 blockchain for AI-powered data economy and Oracles. Oraichain combines AI and blockchain for innovation and, as a result, should revolutionize both directions to make them compatible and integrable. Oraichain focuses on providing decentralized platforms for data and AI, standardizing methods to validate AI-based calculations on the chain, and ensuring AI correctness. In the field of blockchain, Oraichain focuses on the scalability and compatibility of its oracle solutions and services with other networks in order to expand the usefulness of the Oraichain ecosystem

Metrics of the $ORA token:
  • Price: $4.24
  • ATH price: $102
  • Market.cap: $8.7m
  • ATH market.cap: $77m
  • FDMC: $83.9m
Over the past 2 months, the $ORAI token has grown 4 times

Bittensor is an open source protocol that provides a decentralized blockchain-based machine learning network. Machine learning models are co-taught and rewarded in TAO based on the information value they provide to the team. TAO also provides external access, allowing users to extract information from the network and tailor its activities to their needs.
$TAO is not traded on DEX or CEX; the only way to purchase $TAO is through the OTC market and transfer tokens to the polkadot wallet. Since the beginning of trading in $TAO in July, the price of the token has increased nearly tenfold

The advancement of AI adoption and usage, as well as the benefits that it provides, ensures the growth of AI projects in addition to the positive market. We implement and use AI for our operational tasks as a company that wants to be successful in the market and gain advantages. Write in comments your thoughts about mentioned projects and ways of using AI for you! Thanks for reading
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