MSCI World Index: Correction then 2.5% further Upside to 6015

MSCI World Futures Index USD FMWO1!

An excellent day for bulls all over the world.
Now most markets are testing important resistance levels (Hang Seng, Sensex, SPX and Nasdaq)
and are vulnerable to fairly light profit taking in the very near term.

The MSCI World Index is also very close to resistance at 5873.
Has to break above here to confirm further strength back to the 6000-6015 range - about a 2.5% burst.

It looks likely to manage this sooner or later.
If it's to be later it should find good support on any retest of the rising dynamic at around the 5752 level.

Look for confirmation to buy a favored major market again either here - or if we don't get it then on a break above 5875 looking for an averaged rise of about 2.5%.