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FTC has gone on a nice little run these last few days. Feathercoin is a true OG of the crypto world, its a fork of Litecoin from back in 2013. Feathercoin aimed to make transactions even faster than Litecoin and even cheaper. Fully decentralized and still using the most secure POW consensus mechanism. Some might think its a dead project but I think its in the works of a revamp. Obviously just speculation but you never know. Remember when everyone suddenly wanted Groestlecoin a few years back. That was "dead" coin that spiked like crazy and got into the top 20 I believe at the time, it went from $.0007 to $3 dollars, thats a 5000x and there was enough liquidity to sell the top, I know, I did. Never know what could happen I mean just speculating here but what if all these old Bitcoin and Litecoin forks that are supposedly dead start to be bought up because they are the true OG's of crypto and have withstood the test of time for over 10 years and are 100% decentralized? Either way the price is super cheap so Ill probably buy a few hundred dollars worth and hold for now and at under a penny the deal cant be beat.

Also back when FTC first came out it was hit by a 51% attack as well as Litecoin and a few others. At that time they implemented advanced check-pointing to prevent against 51% attacks in the future.

Also randomly in 2018 a swiss billionaire investor Rainer-Marc Frey said he would focus on the development of Feathercoin. That is kind of strange to me and then nothing more was said about it since that article. Also FTC has been active on Github and hasn't stopped. THERE ARE ALMOST 22,000 COMMITS. Thats not a dead project in my eyes and its a lot easier to work on something when there isn't very much congestion on the network, so during the years of downtime FTC seems to have been working out all the kinks. Just for reference the top cryptocurrency Bitcoin , has had 35,000 commits and Litecoin around 12,000. Either way I like the old forks that were once on the top of Coinmarketcap, its nostalgic. I will leave the details about the Swiss investor and Feathercoin below. This is not trading or financial advice this is just my opinion. If you enjoyed this then please support my work by giving me a boost/like and follow me. Comment below, thank you and good luck everyone.

Swiss investor Rainer-Marc Frey is expanding his position in cryptocurrencies by investing in a prominent five-year-old alternative to bitcoin currently undergoing a revival, has learned.

The fund-of-hedge fund pioneer is going deeper into the cryptocurrency world, after an initial investment in a digital token asset manager and trader. Rainer-Marc Frey is putting some of what Swiss magazine «Bilanz» reports as his 1.25 billion Swiss franc fortune into feathercoin, according to a blog post on «Medium».

The move coincides with a foundation set up in Zug last week to foster and promote the five-year-old token's development and acceptance, which has got a fillip from the return of developer Peter Bushnell at year-end.

Returning to Feathercoin proper in the new year to start work on the 0.13 release. The 0.13 codebase gives us the latest soft forks and will then allow us to join other services like Lightning Network, BarterDEX and others that make use of newer tech. #Feathercoin #FTC
— Peter Bushnell (@bushstar) December 17, 2017

Bushnell, who is based in Oxford, had worked as the tech chief on another coin project for roughly two years, but said last month he would focus on feathercoin. He is now balancing the development with commissioned work «which allows me to pay the bills and spend time on feathercoin,» he said in an online question-and-answer session earlier this month. The cryptocurrency forked or split off from litecoin in 2013.

Repeat Crypto Offender

Frey, among the billionaires spotted at a glitzy St. Moritz crypto confab in January, invested in feathercoin through Hyperion Capital, a Swiss vehicle backed by several wealthy investors.

He has dabbled in fintech and crypto investments since selling his hedge fund boutique to Man Investments 16 years ago: he is also an investor in Crypto Finance, a Zug-based investment firm which is seeking a bank license. He also owns a sizable stake in Leonteq, a derivatives boutique.

Feathercoin's foundation is flush enough to hire three developers, and is also setting aside coins to reward outside contributors. «The Feathercoin Development Foundation will kickstart further software development, and its resources will help see new and existing projects to completion,» the foundation said.

Courting Controversy

Feathercoin's foundation will be presided by Lucas Betschart, a Swiss cryptocurrency advocate, and include Bushnell, Swiss investor Oliver Wolfensberger, and Frey associate Stephan Masek as board members .

Swiss foundations have become the go-to legal structure for cryptocurrencies, but Switzerland has also courted controversy because of them. Tezos, a prominent cryptocurrency project, became mired in a months-long bitter feud between its foundation head and U.S.-based developers following a record $232 million fund-raising.
Comment: Also noticed on FTC block explorer that for the past 2 years the richest wallet has been accumulating and no selling at all. Just buying and now has around 24 million FTC in the wallet. Also in just the past 5 months this unknown wallet has accumulated 10 million. Check it out for yourself.

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