60% profit potential on Etherparty (FUEL)

Hello ,

It's officially a bullmarket ,it's time to rejoice and accumulate more and enjoy the ride ,
You would probally say 60% profit potential is small compared to other coins , yes but as they say Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.
You can enjoy this ride and search of a major trade that make you ton of profits.

Let's get started .

My first target major target is around 0.00001600 btc .

I will keep you updated !
and btw look at the macd
it's pointing upwards
Comment: We going strong guys
Comment: we are now at 16% profit and where not done yet
Comment: Abandon the ship all crew!
Comment: What a disaster,sorry That I didn't close the trade earlier
Order cancelled


Badrs7 Sir_DURZO
@Sir_DURZO, nice call bro,
it's been i while i didn't look at charts because of studies .
You can check ARK i think it's ready for some move
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@Badrs7, your right about ark ,the charts looks really good ,I will give it a look I guess.But seriously you need to check out smartcash ,look at the charts damn
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Badrs7 Sir_DURZO
@Sir_DURZO, OKaay i'll chack it now

there's my idea about ARK