BINANCE:FUNBTC   FunFair / Bitcoin
FUNBTC is a long-term buy from my point of view and please let me explain why....

when this token first came out in 2017 it traded at .000007 BTC and the highest for this pair was .000137.. all that happened within a month.

it tried to get back up but it was trapped in sales, since August 2019 till now it has been playing around .00000020 - .00000075, now what has changed to make me want to buy this... well for once it now has a game plan to introduce itself in the gaming industry and it's following the timeline for it and its gaining traction such as a divergence on the weekly and a BOS(break of structure) to the upside, it's oversold on the weekly.

I see this going to the .00000212 and from that to keep going up to their original start at .000007.

I know this is a lot but I will be buying more.

Thank you.
Comment: I got some questions on where to buy this so I'll post the link either here or below