Trading Idea - #GAZPROM

In the short term a SELL, in the long term a BUY!
TARGET: 4.35 EUR (+14%)
STOP: 5.55 EUR

1.) Medium-term resistance level at 5.20 EUR seems to be too strong for the actual company situation!

2.) This stock could be of great interest to investors looking for returns.

3.) Now it's getting political!!!! The German government's coordinator for transatlantic cooperation, Peter Beyer (CDU), has described the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline as an obstacle to restarting relations with the USA. He has shown willingness to freeze construction in order to be able to resolve difficulties with the USA.

4.) Nord Stream 2 is now around 95 percent complete, according to the information. The pipeline is expected to transport 55 billion cubic meters of natural gas from Russia to Germany per year.

5.) The upward sales expectations show a return of the positive expectations of the analysts at this company.

6.) The analysts' average target price is relatively far removed from the current price, which suggests a potentially significant long-term increase in value.
Trade closed: stop reached