Cant BREATH without the POLICE coming after you.

FX:GBPJPY   British Pound / Japanese Yen
Down we go!!! Now if the world was normal then i would say the technicals were really STRONG and i would be taking BUYS off my 141 level as it is a key level that has been used many times as support and resistance ... But the world is far from normal so i am shorting the HELL out of this!

GBP can only go 1 way for me and that's DOWN! Why i hear you ask!? Because of all the lockdowns in the UK and they are even looking at bringing in tighter restrictions, not sure how they can tighten them anymore as rite now you are not aloud to breath without the police knocking on your door asking if you are paying tax for fresh air lol.
So if the economy is as bad as it is and it will only get worse in 2021 then how can GBP strengthen? IT CANT.

I am in long swing trades on this so if i go a few pips into drawdown i am not bothered, if you get stressed when you go into drawdown then you are over risking.

Now freedom of speech has gone on trading view as well, we are becoming more like China everyday, So if you would like a chat about anything i will be happy to answer you.