The Government F#cks You Without You Even Knowing!

FX:GBPJPY   British Pound / Japanese Yen
You can see our purple arrows point out where price has been used as resistance and orange arrow are where price has been used as support.... it really is that simple!

If you can find these levels on a chart you WILL make money in the market... if not then there really is no hope!

The big boys and the government have purposely put information out there to make people believe that trading is hard just to put people off and keep them in line and in the system so they don't make money, because if everyone was rich they wouldn't be able to make money out of us.... they want us to get a dead end job and a mortgage so we are trapped and they are always making money off us to fill there pockets and power there mega yachts..... BREAK OUT THE SYSTEM YOU ARE STUCK IN!!!

The school system is set up so we fail, teaching us stuff we don't really need, telling us that if we go to university we will be better off... but most students come out of university thousands in debt and end up working in McDonalds ... work that 1 out.

Then there are so many fake ass traders out there on social media flashing money, cars and houses about saying they got all them from trading forex.... the idiots couldn't even trade Pokemon cards, these idiots are probably put out there by the brokers in order to get people to join, deposit money and then loose it all because the MILLIONAIRE FOREX TRADER they believed is just some idiot who lives in his mums basement, And now the broker is sitting back counting your money.

Anyway the moral of the story is..... Find these levels on the chart and don't believe everything you see and read....... RANT OVER :p