FX:GBPUSD   British Pound / U.S. Dollar
GU if you haven't already noticed has been falling like a stone from last week, now of course you will see this is pretty much the same moves our other pairs have been making, giving us a nice uniform correlation and with this we are looking for it to line up if we do reverse with our other prediction.

Of course it is not something we actively seek to do which is trade against trend, but we are seeing more than just structure pointing to the upside including our liquid highs withing our current bearish range.

Overall bearish, so if we do drop deeper don't be shocked!
We are aiming for the lows but we are looking for a entry setup to long this if that's what she wants to do, of course lower trend and deeper moves may come, if so we will follow this to.

Remember to always read order flow and follow what price is showing you instead of trading based on your desired direction. And, as always, stick to your risk and your plan.

We'll be closely monitoring market openings and price action throughout the week. If you find this analysis useful, let us know in the comments below and hit the boost button to show your support. Here's to a successful week of trading!