How To Read Structure (Charts) Tutorial. Charts 1-5

FX_IDC:GBPUSD   British Pound / U.S. Dollar
By the time you are done with this tutorial, You will understand Structure, Trends, Reversals & much more! This tutorial will teach you how to dig deep into the charts & analyze where price is likely to go next!
Reading Structure can be difficult when you first start trading, however most professional traders (if not all) understand structure very well and it is definitely a skill that will dramatically help you on your journey to becoming a professional trader. I tried to make this as clear & simple as possible for anyone to understand but do not worry if this is complicated or a little confusing at first. If you are new to trading, you will benefit by studying and looking over these charts multiple times. I have found that it is also helpful if you grab a piece of paper and a pencil so you can draw the chart that you are looking at. Draw a very simple line chart and mark the highs & lows as shown in the tutorial with support & resistance lines.. You will learn much faster by doing this while training your eyes to identify trends & reversals. After you do this enough, it will start to become 2nd nature & you will spot these crucial moments in structure with a quick glance at the charts.

This is the first section of the Reading Structure Tutorial. This section will consist of 6 Charts total:

Chart 1- An Easy and effective way to determine trend.
Chart 2- Following The Trend with Support & Resistance (Highs & Lows)
Chart 3- Continuation of Chart 2
Chart 4- Identifying Possible Trend Reversals
Chart 5 - When Structure Doesn't Make Sense, Do Not Trade!
Chart 6- Another Reversal

I have put a lot of time & effort into this tutorial so feel free to ask any questions you may have.. I will be publishing section 2 of the "How To Read Structure" tutorial next week. Please leave a comment below or message me with your thoughts regarding this lesson. I am happy to continue publishing them if they are helpful to you.

We are going to scroll through this chart & follow structure. This is a 60 Minute Chart of GBP-USD .
Chart 1
Chart 2, In this Chart we are going to look at the highs & lows shown on Chart 1.
Chart 2 Continued, (Continuation of Chart 2.)
Chart 3, Identifying Possible Trend Reversals.
Chart 4, In depth Analysis of Chart 3.
Chart 5, Another Example of a trend reversal

Section 2 of "How To Read Structure" will be published next week & I will be sure to update this tutorial with the new charts as well as publish a separate idea. Take your time & really study these charts. There is a ton of valuable information in this tutorial & by the time you get through all the sections, you will have a much easier time reading structure. Please be sure to give this tutorial a thumbs up if it was helpful & you would like me to continue posting them. Thanks Traders & I hope you enjoyed the 1st section of this tutorial!
Comment: Hey Traders, Here is Section 2 of the "How to read structure (Charts) Tutorial". In this Section, you will learn some of the methods that professional trend traders use to bring home a profit week after week, month after month, & year after year! In this Section, I will be explaining-

- The Characteristics of a healthy trend (Chart 6)
- A simple method that makes identifying trend reversals easy (Chart 7)
- Why you should not rush your trades plus when & why you should have a neutral biased as a trend trader (Chart 8)
- Mastering Reversals & how to trade them properly (Chart 9)
- Continuation of GBPUSD -0.29%Structure Analysis ~ How To Identify & Avoid Trading Ranges To Improve Your Trend Trading Strategies ~ The Importance Of A Candles Closing Price. (Chart 10)
- One of my trend trading rules to avoid trading ranges & Intro to the 1st part of Section 3. (Chart 11)

Section 1 of this tutorial is linked below. Please start with section 1 as it will lay some of the ground work for this section & will also show these methods on actual charts. This section of the tutorial is a breakdown of the methods taught in section 1 and when studied together, can really give you a good understanding of how trends, reversals, ranges etc work. Please feel free to leave feedback below regarding if these tutorials have been helpful. I will be releasing many more of these tutorials in future ideas and your feedback really helps me to improve them! It may take you a couple minutes to get use to the format of these tutorials so take your time & read over the charts multiple times as there is a lot of good information provided within these tutorials.

Chart 6- Characteristics of a healthy trend

Chart 7- A simple method that makes identifying trend reversals easy

Chart 8- Why you should not rush your trades plus when & why you should have a neutral biased as a trend trader

Chart 9- Mastering Reversals & how to trade them properly

Chart 10- Continuation of GBPUSD -0.28%Structure Analysis ~ How To Identify & Avoid Trading Ranges To Improve Your Trend Trading Strategies ~ The Importance Of A Candles Closing Price.

Chart 11- One of my trend trading rules to avoid trading ranges & Intro to the 1st part of Section 3.

You Have Completed Section 2 Of The "How To Read Structure (Charts) Tutorial. Charts 6-11"! Thank you for taking the time to finish this section of the tutorial! I hope Section 1 and 2 have been helpful to you! In section 3, we will start looking at how you can use price action/structure & the methods taught in this tutorial to design your own trading strategy! After all of the sections are complete, you will have the tools needed to read structure, create your own rules based trading strategy and much more so please stick around as this is only the beginning of a very educational tutorial. Thanks Traders!
Comment: New Simple Patterns Tutorial Available Now! Strategy Insight!
Comment: How To Read Structure (Charts) Tutorial- Section: 3 Charts 12-18 Release!

great job sir
Alec40 hb.jewels.9
@hb.jewels.9, You are very welcome my friend! Hope you have gained some value from my tutorials :)
Waaaaaaaw!!! I am looking for books that can make me read the charts better. I have a lot of information in my head but i am not successful becuase i really cant read the charts as i should be. Thanks! really Alec. // Milla
Alec40 millascand

Thank you for the kind words, i am glad this material is helpful to you & i am happy to provide some clearity on such an important topic! It is common for newer traders to gather tons of information, which is good however it can be difficult to use that information profitably as every trader has a slightly different approach to consistently making money in the markets. Now that you have a solid foundation of knowledge i recommend learning the ways of one specific trader and over time expanding on that knowledge base to develop a trading style that works according to your personality. It is very important to learn one way of trading from one trader and then use their methods to realize profitability within your own trading. This helps build confidence and experience the characteristics of growing a trading account over a long period of time.
@Alec40, if you publish a book about charting am in to buy it first!! Well am still struggling though I spent loads of money on education and killed a couple of live accounts. Typical starter.I just cant give up on this i just love it but i have to work on my discipline. In other words, i don't do everything i need to do and i know that. I definitely learn but at the same time develop my own trading style. I am a big girl in a big world, cant let my self give up the dream of being my own boss. I dont want to make people rich it is time to get me rich well am not one of those who want to be a millionaire but you know what i mean. My only wish is basically to be my own boss! answer to me, spend more time with my old dog, travel to see my childhood friends and old colleagues again, maybe start a family before its toolate hahahah, find myself bla bla bla i guess it is now more than charting stuff. Anyway thanks and keep publishing stuff. I saw that you also provide some very interesting eduction! Wish i can be part of the mentorship program, i think this is what i need to fix this chaos but unfortunately i made a lot of investments and lost a lot LOL will see how it goes maybe some other time.
Thanks !// Milla
Alec40 millascand

I completely understand, it is very common amongst new traders to experience those same things and i myself had the same problem when i started 7 years ago. After the first year, I was lucky enough to cross paths with someone who would eventually mentor me. I have since been consistently profitable for almost 6 years now. My mentor had such an effect on me and my trading that I promised to do the same for others one day. 2 years into being consistently profitable I started TradersNsights and began helping traders like he helped me. Like actually helping traders, not promising them the world and then confusing or hurting them with nonsense education. You can definately acheive all those things in your life so long as you are patient, willing to learn, and persistent so do not give up! Like any other career in the world, trading DOES require education and so few seek it as they believe otherwise. Nothing is impossible but the cost of self teaching greatly outweighs the cost of formal education, which is way cheaper than just about any college in the world, in fact cheaper than the average cost of one semester! It puzzles me how many traders want to do this professionally but do not want to get proper education for one reason or another. At the same time it is a good thing because the ones who do seek coaching/training tend to be much more serious about trading than most. I do have openings in both of my coaching programs right now, if youd like to take a look at the mentorship program head over to I also have a forex coaching program which is very similar to the mentorship program only its a bit cheaper and shorter. Both programs run for 3 months long however the mentorship program only ends when the trader is able to remain consistently profitable. You can also take a look at some of the courses and lessons i have avaialble on my website however as beneficial as those are, i always recommend the coaching programs as those truly go all the way. Unfortunately it is impossible to create a course that can teach you everything you need to know to remain consistently profitable. A strategy is just not enough. Every bit of the 3 month training is utilized therefore I recommend that without question however depending on your experience, some of the courses/lessons may be the missing links for you. Only you know the answer to that question so head on over and take a look. I look forward to hearing from you and chat me on the site if you have any other questions. :)
@Alec40, Thanks Alec! will chat on your website.
Alec40 millascand

Sounds Good! I look forward to seeing you over there.
This a great contribution to the community. thank you for taking the time to give back.
Alec40 Deaunovich
@Deaunovich, You are very welcome and I am extremely happy to be getting all this good feedback! Thank you for your comment and thumbs up, it really helps others see these tutorials. Knowing that these tutorials are helpful to traders, motivates and inspires me to take the time to continue creating them. Much more coming out soon!
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