CORONA VIRUS about as real as TRUMPS TAN

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Now i dont know about you but doesn't Trump look like he has just opened a bag of Wotsits or Cheeto crisps and someone has ran up behind him and pushed his face in them? Yes his tan is about as real as this fake virus he is saying is going around.. I wont say too much as i will get banned but if this stuff interests you then i will be happy to have a chat via inbox.

Now then you horrible lot lets look at the chart. From this we can see a trendline that is on its 3rd touch and a lovely support level that has been used before as support and resistance so this is a really strong level where the big players take profits from the trades they are in. I am expecting price to push into my green box which is where i will open a buy trade... i wont enter before it gets there or i wont sell down to that area, i will simply sit and wait!

If you have no patients then go the shop and buy some as you need it to become a successful trader.. without it you will be about as much use as a chocolate teapot.

Thats all for today's lesson.. CLASS DISMISSED