Gold Siver Ratio - Watch the trend

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$GLD $SLV Gold/Siver is trading up around levels that have tended to lead to significant silver             outperformance on a relative basis. However, watching the prevailing trend in the gold-silver             ratio also provides some clues as to the performance of silver             on a absolute basis.

On the chart, marked are the three previous cases when the gold-silver             ratio has broken down from its multi year up trend. When this has occurred, silver             has performed quite well on both a relative and absolute basis.

Its looks possible for both gold             and silver             to test at a minimum the underside trend line that was lost during the recent bear market. However, due to the significantly deeper pull back observed by silver             over the past 5 yrs I believe the upside relative to gold             is much more significant.

Long silver             on the break down of the prevailing gold-silver             trend line .
this exactly what i think and wait since 2012.