Bullish Shark, Nice opportunity for shorting, then Longing F-DAX

FX:GER30   DAX Index
Bullish Shark + Parallel Channel FX:GER30 , nice opportunity for shorting, then Longing F-DAX, first trade-able target hit (anywhere within the box), from here I expect a maximum of 15752, above that, will be my Stop Loss GL
Comment: I had the completion of my smaller pattern within my big one, now getting ready for the big one GL guys here is the setup for the bigger one GL


Thanks, my analysis is Dax can go to 15741 max , then retrace back to 14210 . Then it will go to 17K :)
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it's second time I trust you and so happy ,,, cheers mate
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sanmarts parhamsoltani
@parhamsoltani, Nice to hear that, just make sure you move your Stop Loss as the price is moving down so you wont lose in case of a pullback
This doesn't seem to stop. Are you sure of a short now or it will first reach 15700? The S&P also seems to fire up which would jut take DAX above 15700.
I am a new trader, your inputs would be helpful for me to learn.
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sanmarts jinisur
@jinisur, Right mate, I give you help, first of all, you should only trade with money you can afford to lose, I usually do short, medium and long term trades which is quite a different one from another, this one is medium-term trade, which means, can take days if not weeks to complete so you have to be prepared for the market go against you for a while before heading to your favour sometimes can take a hard nerve to hold while the market are against you, but the reward does compensate, now to enter a position on this trade, just wait, the higher it goes inside the box the better and if goes over the box just forget, the setup is forfeit now once you think it is right to short at any price inside the box I advise you to enter a stop loss, I will use 15800, but depending on your appetites you can go lower but above the box, hope it helps, trade at your own risk, this is not a trade designed to beginners GL mate wish you success 😉🤞
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jinisur sanmarts
@sanmarts, Thank you. I take you advice. What I missed was, to short when in the box.
fail? for me it closed at the stop lose, today
last night I made this pattern to follow up my previews pattern, let's see if it will follow, Closed my short and will short again on top GL guys
tan12417 sanmarts
@sanmarts, I respect you thank you very much
Your posts look great, I hope you never give up posting constantly :D