Golem at the very start of a bull market, 3000% gains possible

What is Golem Network Token?

Golem (GMT, ex GNT) is an ERC20 token (recently migrated) that can be used to buy or rent computing power, which could be useful considering how much computing power is out there, without being used.

It could greatly benefit society, reduce waste.
There are companies, governments, or individuals that need to run computers to process imagery, movies, games, math solving, science, models, all sorts of things.
Rather than waste their money, factory production, energy to build these processing machines, earth natural ressources, and buy lots of heavy equipment, they could instead simply rent some of the millions of computers individuals do not use at full capacity, or at all when they are at work for example.

There is a real use case, and this is more than just a token. 2 days ago the team released Golem Mainnet Release Beta I.
"After several months of a focused effort of the whole Golem team, we’re proud to present you with the first official, albeit still experimental, mainnet version of the new Golem, also known as Yagna."

You can read more about it here:

The token price is at a support level that is holding, it has been forgotten, the gambler and bagholder activity has hit zero, the price could drop and test the liquidity down there before rallying hard, test of faith even:

So this is what I got:

-> It is a good idea with a real usefulness, also simple to understand, and very "end user" what I mean it concerns everyone, it's not some weird industrial specialized project
-> The team, during all this "dead" time where all the scams have just been abandoned, have been working, I do not know how good the beta is, everyone should do their DD
-> It is "cheap", less than 1 usd per token, meaning plenty of gamblers might get attracted just by the "cheap" price (what if it was the next Bitcoin that went to $50,000?)
-> The price has potentially bottomed, and after a typical long bear market dead period, activity is starting to pick up, and it's to the upside
-> Potential to go up very far