GME is bound to pop. A technical & fundamental trade.

NYSE:GME   GameStop Corporation
Ok so this stock has a price to book of 0.28, would have been a 40% div yield ( had they not cut the dividend). Did this stock only drop since they cut the dividend? Do investors not care that the Assets - Liab's of the company are worth much more than the company's stock? Seems stilly. Buffet often suggests buying at a discount to book value, which we definitely have here.

On a technical basis, RSI on the W is lower than ever before in history. Considering this is the middle of the first 2 consecutive green candles, I think this is an optimal entry for an 13.8 to 1 risk to reward trade. Only has to work greater than 7.14% of the time to be profitable.

58% of shares were short as of 08/14/19, per yahoo finance. Just imagine what will happen when they cover or there is a buy out~!

Get in while you can.

Cheers, Broom
Comment: It popped, and it's still poppin
Comment: Popped
Comment: Pooping
Comment: Thanks for the support guys. It's hilirious that my top chart I forgot to save the graphics on the chart before posting... LOL! follow me @benny_stacks on twitter
Comment: trade closed, target reached.


This is the craziest trade prediction that I have ever seen come true on TradingVie lol Well worth 200 coins. Great work Broom!
200 coins
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Broom tradeconfident
@tradeconfident, Thanks man just converted those 200 coins to GME
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reubenroyal tradeconfident
@tradeconfident, I agree lol
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Broom BlakeNorthcutt
@BlakeNorthcutt, I LIKE THE STOCK
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Gonna add some more GME in the YOLO portfolio
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TeethBox AlephInvest
@AlephInvest, More like portfoliyolo, amirite
Good chart.. Carry on..
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BAM !!!
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awesome work, perfect explanation.
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