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I'm the most successful joke you'll ever know, if you think i'm serious than you're right... If you think i'm a joke then you're once again correct.
Price target is Treasure Planet by the next Blue Moon. Thanks for taking the time to check out my "Fundamental Analysis" on the best Tickers on Derp St.


I expext 300 next week
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Niceguy_Anakin SmallWeewee
@SmallWeewee, You move the goalpost a lot don't you?
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pechi123 Niceguy_Anakin
@Niceguy_Anakin, It's pathetic how many absurd pie in the sky calls have been made starting at 2k by earlier this month. It is devoid of analysis.
jgarcia913 pechi123
@pechi123, yet here you are gobbling it up. absurd is correct
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pechi123 jgarcia913
@jgarcia913, I guess you won't be so grateful when the investment is dead.
jgarcia913 pechi123
@pechi123, everyone thats invested in GME is UP! find another thing to obsess about were all in the green since January. This investment still has a ton of room upwards again go away its like im not on other tickers telling everyone theyre going to lose money because it doesnt concern me. peach
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pechi123 jgarcia913
@jgarcia913, I guess anyone can pick any point in time to state profitability, that will not be the case for most. The market has another message:

1) Bullish Engulfing Bar 3/25/21, a trade setup of an undetermined length of time. Wave 1 topped next day @ 218.93, traded sideways for 3 months, broke above on 5/26 with gap, and topped on 6/8 (9 trading days later) @ 344.66 as a Double Failure Swing High against 3/10's high 348.50, a lower high (bearish) both under all-time high 483. The trade set completed, a failure under another failure.

2) ZigZag down ends @ 211, a Bearish Contracting Triangle develops: A=241.13, B=206.13, C=238.01, D=208, E=233.66 A thrust down from triangle. ZigZag + Triangle = Complex Structure.

3) ZigZag violates Wave 1 @ 218.93 making it not a 1st wave rather wave A of A-B-C upward correction, not bullish.

4) Thrust from triangle inherently has 5 waves, each with 5 subwaves, all impulsive waves are fractals of the larger impulse, corrective waves 2 & 4 have 3 subwaves or variations thereof A-B-C. Wave 3 bottomed @ 158.01, larger wave 4 topped 7/21 @ 195.51, wherein it stopped short of C= 1.618 x A @ 195.94, and under wave 4 of 3 down @ 197.47. Wave 3 is greater than 1 down, therefore 5 can be greater than 3, there will be no rule violation.

5) Excessive Bullish Sentiment 95% + greater than all-time high but at much lower prices. Numerous bullish calls on stock price up to 2K + in defensive echo chambers. Rule of Thumb: Markets tend to adversely affect the majority.

On the plus side: Triangles are terminal structures, likelihood when done (from where is undetermined as wave 5 down is still in its' infancy) price should return to base of triangle either to wave E= 233.66 or Wave A= 241.13, or any point in-between, wave B of ZigZag is 248.75, therefore there is strong cluster resistance 233.66-248.76. There is no implied bullishness above here because the move up was 3 waves, albeit the move down will have a 3-5 structure, taken together is 3-3-5 perhaps a flat pattern but too early to know, until 5 down is complete, the structure of the bounce thereafter will determine bullish or bearish, not echo chambers at extreme bullish "all-in" sentiment.
zgrove2828 pechi123
@pechi123, then short it
pechi123 zgrove2828
@zgrove2828, Why do you suppose I didn't after all the analysis I did, it not just for commentary, short by puts from 6/8 high.
I am not worthy of this godly analysis. All I can say is I love you and I am all in, good luck my fellow ape
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