🔥 GRT Underperforming: What To Expect

GRT saw a huge introduction to Binance, where at some point it made a 1000% move in little over a month.

However, since making said move, GRT's direction has been bearish . As of now, it's one of the coins which has severely underperformed other smaller-cap alts, with little change in sight.

GRT is still trading inside a huge triangle. As long as it's trading inside this triangle I don't see any spectacular moves occurring for this token.

Either GRT can bounce around in the triangle, hoping for a bullish break out in the end. Or, GRT can keep trading above the $0.80 support and hope for a break out in the coming two weeks.

Before stepping in, I'd wait for a daily close above the $1.1 resistance to confirm the bullish trend and bias.

Happy trading!
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