As described in my last analysis, the Dax has reached with the last high at 14137 only the minimum target, in the form of the 0.618 extension, of the yellow circled z. In all other waves, the mandatory targets have already been reached. However, there is still potential to the upside. So far, only the 0.618 extension has been reached in the pink (z). The next level the 0.786 extension is at 14204. In the drawn alternative, we would have with the high at 14137 only the green Alt. (w) of the yellow circled z completed and with the Friday low the green Alt. (x) finished. Should the market still aim for a new high from here, the ideal target here would be at 14235. In the vicinity of which also lies the mentioned 0.786 of the pink (z). From therefore a quite attractive target, which I like in principle much better than the current all-time high. What speaks against it, however, is that the market has run in late Friday trading again towards the low instead of clearly break away from it.
A decision will probably be made early in the next trading week. Ultimately, the DAX is very likely to suffer significant losses soon and a new high, would only delay this by a few days.