Hindustan Aeronautical LTD: 12.7% Decline Brace for Impact

Run Now!!

In the upcoming bulletin, we're likely to hear some not-so-good news about Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. So, it's better to run for cover!

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Don't get fooled :

1.It is crucial to pay attention to the bearish divergence forming in the market, even amid the market's current bullish momentum driven by certain entities.

2.The reason for this caution is that institutions may have exhausted their pool of potential buyers, indicating a potential shift in market dynamics.

3.It is likely that institutions are strategically preparing for an upcoming downturn and are potentially playing their final round before initiating a significant shorting activity.

4.This situation adds an intriguing layer to the market, making it an engaging and captivating time to closely monitor and participate in the evolving market dynamics.

Are you intrigued by this? Are you enthusiastic about learning? Feel free to ask me anything you didn't grasp, and I'll gladly provide an explanation. Thank you!
With caution in mind, I would like to emphasize that my analysis of upcoming news is based on market conditions as observed on the charts. Please note that I am not associated with any unauthorized market influences.
It is worth noting that similar market conditions were witnessed on November 20th, 2022, with Adani Enterprises shares. This prompted the Adani group to consider launching an FPO. A detailed explanation can be provided on this matter, as everything revolves around one fundamental factor: trading between big traders and retail traders.
Trade closed manually:
Conditions did not to enter and market dynamics are completely changed now, updated post soon will be posted
And it's still gonna go down , I will share a detailed analysis on this why I think HAL is highly overvalued !
Detailed Analysis is shared here
Entry point posted here

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