Macro Bull Analysis for Hot Thunderstruk!

BINANCE:HOTETH   Holo / Ethereum
I wanted to post this before the breakout occurred, but i had family emergency and had to delay the post :(

We are doing fine, life must move forward!

This is why, i arm myself with THUNDERSTUCK!

and you guessed, all time favorite!
If you going to follow us to the top! HTFU!

Look through the previous TA. As you can see, i have been wrong a few times, and that was a disappointment, but i was also very correct :) So take my TA as an educational guess.

February 21, March 26, April 29, May 14, June 1, July 20, 30, Oct 23, Dec 13 | Feb 19, 2021, April 27-29

PS: More Technical Analysis will published, returning to the scenes of Fractal Art!
Report is still delayed, but if you read my reports before, you know where i stood on all of this!

BLUE = Bear/Resistance || Yellow = Bull/ Support
Lines: Fractal dates are moments of interest, where price and time collide to create oscillation.
the chart for possible scenarios of price actions - use zoom and scroll for better view.~

/*This information is not a recommendation to buy or sell. It is to be used for educational purposes only.*/

Feel free to request: your coin to be analyzed! Please keep those Stop losses in place or mind!

Thank you, and stay strong my fellow CryptoPunks!
Future belongs to the brave, and crypto is the future.

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Thank you for your support in my efforts to better understand: financial chart behavior and Fractal Universe.

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