Huntercoin(huc) could deliver suprise us with a bag of profits


Seriously look at that massive volume ,
Huntercoin didn't see such volume for a while the previous one was in may 2017.Huntercoin is preparing for take out perhaps.We're going to play with the fractals.Maybe they will give us a could what's going on.

The yellow one is the rally from 2017,
And the red one is the correction of that came after the big rally.Do you see that? The symmetry(kinda) is undeniable

If this pattern plays out ,were getting around 300% profit potential.

My targets is:
around the 3000 sats region

I will keep you updated!

Comment: Still same path ,nothing out of the ordinairy happend.
the correction will go on a bit before we resume again
Comment: Huc Is moving again,
Next resistance is at the 1400 sats region,
the the action will play out 985-1480 sats region the coming days or even more,
before we proceed to the next stage
Trade active:
Huc is preforming outstanding.
Huc made about 70% profits
since posting the trade idea !
The perfect entry was 802 sats.
it's not done yet.
Take your profits ,there will be not much action
in augustus for huc sept-oct will be interesting.
For the one that missed the ride you can
buy between 933-1208 sats before huc start moving again.

Goodluck to us all.
See you over a month;)
Comment: I will update this trade shortly ,
let's what huc has been up to
Comment: Huc is moving very nicely ,I will try to post a detailed post tommorow.
Stay tuned I guess ;)