III (3i group) long


Following a weekend stroll through the UK stocks that I watch III came to my attention, the stock has a solid base after a move up and has been struggling to break 965 since July 2017. Around May 2018 the stock did have a huge burst through the level but wasn’t able to maintain it for very long until the support broke it became resistance again. Since then the stock has fallen from the level multiple times without a successful break, so far this year III has performed very well and that has brought it back to the 965 level where the price began to consolidate. This level obviously holds massive selling pressure, but like a blocked tap the pressure to break through is mounting. I feel as though this set up has massive potential and a break of 965 could see us go through a sustained move higher. The plan with this stock is to play for a break of 965 using the high of a previous attempt to break through as entry, when the price breaks through I will use the PLOD as a stop loss. I will buy the stock in 3 separate positions so that I can trim on the way up to leave one position free to run and collect dividends if they’re available. I will trim the position at 980 and 990 which provide obvious areas of resistance both as large round numbers and from previous price action.