Is iota preparing lift off?

The past months iota took blow after blow,
is the retracement over,and ready for a trend reversal.

My answers is yes,but it's need to prepare little more

look at this pattern
the resembling is uncanny,will this pattern play out,
I hope so .A good indicator I'm waiting for is ,breaching the upper blue line
and going back between the blue lines again to prepare for take off,

I will give my targets then

I will keep you updated.
Remember this never count on crypto to be your hail mary
because they will utterly dissappoint you.

Until next time !
Sir Durzo
It's looks promising ,too early to tell,
We're looking for that iota pierces the upper blue and goes back between those
two blue lines.

Let's wait and see!
Comment: Things are going oke for iota,

the question is when is it going to pop
I will give a more details
Comment: THe possible outcome

The volume is looking fine,
Let's see and wait,
LAter in the I will give more detail!
Comment: Iota is strechting time for itself,
so don't lose your patience because it's a matter of time.

I will update my trade very soonly!


nice! thanks