KUCOIN:JASMYUSDT   JasmyCoin / Tether
This is a neutral TA overviewing JASMY, and the two major trends of resistance that we are going to be hitting on our way back up and out.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: keep a very sharp eye out as soon as JASMY climbs over the last resistance trend line that I've labeled in *green*
As soon as we see a climb over the threshold, I believe all bets are going to be off-- and we could see a parabolic rise for JASMY once again!

(...now let's see if BTC and the rest of the world fiat markets have us all contemplating the top floor balcony this week...) πŸ™„

β™ οΈπŸΏπŸ€«

EDIT: I should have placed one more slightly fainter negative trend line in parallel, coming from our high point on the 24th. May have some resistance there as well.