"Change or die!" - a story about sports. Waiting signal $JUVE

Hello everyone Trader and Manager Ivan Kuznetsov are in touch.
I want to tell you an interesting story and share another trading idea.

If you don't want to read about the movie and the ideas from it, I recommend that you scroll down to the trading idea.

about the movie.

I'll start this post by telling you about a movie I recently reviewed. "The man who changed everything" (Moneyball 2011) starring brad pitt.
I got a lot of interesting ideas while watching it, and I definitely recommend it to anyone who connects their fate with trading.
The main and key idea was: "Change or die!". And how else was it possible for a team with the smallest budget in the baseball League to survive, which had already lost leading players?
The team's General Manager was able to find a way out of their situation (or was he lucky?) - he hired an analyst from another team who calculated mathematically the performance of players who were greatly undervalued by the market.
I will not tell you the details, so as not to write spoilers, but I will say that the team showed record results! This once again shows how important it is to look for tools that others underestimate.
Many successful traders calculate their own indicators and indicators, and by checking them on the history, implement them into their system, earn money from this!
In the same way, professional cappers can very likely calculate whether a certain player will score a goal in today's match or not, and use this in their work, earning on betting exchanges.

If you don't believe it, I can prove it to you by experience. But let's talk about business, because we have a great opportunity on the horizon, a sports company, a football club "Juventus" from Italy.

about the $JUVE signal

The technical picture is as follows (see the chart). Quotes came to the "ceiling" at the level of 1 Euro per share and 4 times failed to break them! If we close below 10% of the pullback from this level, it will be a good signal in short.
By the way, my first million on the markets in 2010, I earned it on this formation for the currency pair AUD/USD and who read my book, I think remembers how it was (I'll just attach a picture). Do not forget about the rule of 2% per transaction and 6% per month.
Money management is the most important pillar of successful trading!

PS: About a great actor.

🎬 Brad pitt is an American film, television, and voice actor and film producer. Winner of the Academy award.
In the film "the Man who changed everything", he played the main role. The film is based on a book by Michael M. Lewis, published in 2003, about the Oakland baseball team and its General Manager, Billy bean. Its goal is to create a competitive baseball team, despite financial difficulties. Billy Bean is assisted by an assistant who uses mathematical models of calculation and statistical indicators of key players for his work.

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