Kava has been consolidating for way too long!

As you can see from the KAVA BTC chart on my previous idea, Kava didn't have a strong pump in 2021, but has formed a very strong base in BTC terms. The USD chart also looks a bit like a long term consolidation, so it could definitely be one that starts moving. At least it is one that is refusing to drop vs BTC while everything else is actually at their lows, when Kava is near its local top and keeps testing the same resistance.

It also does look a bit like TOMOBTC which has started moving and I had also mentioned before. Of course TOMO moved first and it is normal as it has been consolidating for much longer, but now it looks like it is KAVA's turn.

Kava also has some decent fundamentals and is platform that has a lot going for it. DeFi isn't the hottest thing right now for sure, but as Binance IEO Kava has an advantage vs other platforms as people can trust it more and can always get Binance's back.