$KBR is showing signs of moving higher!

* Very strong up trend since 2016
* Great earnings track record
* Basing for the past ~5 months
* Created a double bottom and is now approaching the top of the handle
* Recently bounced off of its 50 day line
* Offering a low risk entry

Sector: Industrials - Engineering & Construction
Relative Strength vs. Sector: 2.23
Relative Strength vs. SP500: 2.26
U/D Ratio: 1.52
Base Depth: 28.54%
Distance from breakout buy point: -7.85%
Volume 10.62% above its 15 day avg .

Trade Idea:
* You can enter now as the price is still close to its 50 day line on stable volume
* If you're looking for a better entry you can look for one around the 51.8/9 area as that should hold as support
* If you're looking for a safer entry you can wait for a break and hold above 53.26

* This stock usually has local tops when the price closes around 15.01% above its 50 EMA
* Consider selling into strength if the price closes 14.81% to 15.21% (or higher) above its 50 EMA
* The last closing price is 4.37% away from its 50 EMA