Darvas Volume Screening on Weekly Volume

As you all know the book written by nicholas darvas in 1959, emphisized on the volume and price action on weekly magazine called Barton. This weekly magazine contains information about price action and volume and also about company business and important fundamental indicator.

This screener on weekly data and hopefully could some how functioned as Darvas Barton on screening the price action and volume of certain stock, especially stock in Indonesia. Here I used the 1 week data, relative volume to scan the significant changes in volume , market caps of the stock, positive changes in price action and volume in recent months.

Please share your comments on this idea based on the Darvas price action and volume in 'How I Made 2 Million in Stock' book.
Comment: Actually I want to share the screener not the chart :-D,
Here's the detail screener filter:
1. Weekly Data
2. % Change > 0
3. Relative Volume > 1.4
4. Market Cap > 300M
5. Average Volume from 1 Day to 90 Days > 1M