LEND.BTC (Y20.P4.E4).Macro.Bullish short term

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This is in line with my other chart for LEND.USDT post, link provided below.

Most ALTs are doing some bottom like formations before we see many braking out to the macro level, BTC dominance soon to drop significantly, as I and many forecast it to be as the bull market gets momentum at these early stages.

LEND is one of those who has a nice trend and good returns.

Keeping it short, I see this bullish for the next two weeks with some bullish macro reversal formation to take place.

Here is my thoughts on LEND. BTC pairing for the short term.

Note the following:
> the structure at the macro ( wedge structure) level and with 2 short term targets, as per chart, orange or pink formation;
> staying above the main sloping support trend line ; If it breaks this, then its a change in trend, hence get out of this ALT; currently unlikely.
> elliot 12345, and looks like the ABC correction is complete;

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8 HRLY chart, I still see upward pressure;

Comment: I forgot to mention, I lean towards the orange formation, resistance, etc
Comment: The 12 hrly shows a bullish candle closing in 15 min. I don't like the wick on the last candle so ideally the 1 daily candle you would wait for .
But this level seems to be the level.
The daily is not bullish so far.
Comment: Scenario 2 it is, 0.618 fib level. I don't know what this means for the short term as its broken that key support.trend line

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