Invest like Bill Gates & Michael Burry, buy uranium stocks.

AMEX:LEU   Centrus Energy Corp
As climate change becomes the focus for the world, countries want to reduce carbon emissions. Nuclear energy is key to attaining this.

Michael Burry had this image as his Twitter header for some time:

But why Centrus Energy (LEU) out of all the other uranium stocks?
It's because Bill Gates' company TerraPower is collaborating with it.
And as we know, he's a huge proponent for it.
Recently he released a book "How to Avoid a Climate Disaster" where he explains why it's important.
Comment: Personally, I see it more as a long-term play. (2-3 years)
Don't think that this is an industry where things happen very quickly.
But feel that the hype is really building up recently.
Comment: For a long while, people have been against it, mostly because of the Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters. Which is really emotionally challenging, but as always, technology improves and makes nuclear energy even safer than most other ways of producing energy. Logically this seems like the way to go.
Comment: Low risk, high reward.

Even if we were to go into a recession.

Energy is a necessity.
Comment: Bollinger squeeze?

Comment: More sideways -> More upwards potential

Just like Cathie Wood once said 🤗