Chainlink The Moment Of Cryptographic Truth (re-upload)

Sporia Updated   
It is now the most important time in this whole fractal; it's been over 381 days, and Chainlink continues to mirror its past. Link is now in a Pennant pattern, which is a bullish pattern.

The question everyone is asking is, is it over? Has it stopped mirroring? The answer to that is no; it has not stopped mirroring as of this moment.

As you can see, even throughout this segment of the fractal, it's been a pretty close 1:1; even this deep pullback is very similar.

It's extremely important that Chainlink now holds this higher lower structure for the fractal to play out its final move. Sometime in the next 24 hours, the price will reverse if the fractal is to play out.

As I have documented in this large series of TAs, Chainlink is moving around 50% less than the last cycle.

Even this move up from the start of this wave was about 50% less than last cycle. So if we measure from this point in time, 100% gets $26, which is one of many reasons my new target for this final wave is much lower than I expected. But as new information comes in, we change targets.

We have a lot happening around that number.
The 2/1 Gann Fan around the timeframe I set hits $27.

We also have three Fib levels around that area:
- 4.236 Accumulation level Fib - $24.4
- 4.236 Pennant level Fib - $28.9
- 0.5 Marco Level FIB - $28.6

So why the timeframe? Why December 15th to 25th?
The first date is straightforward; it's when the fractal pattern tops out. So by December 11th, the price should be back at $16.5 if the timing of this is going to play out the same.

The second date I set is December 25th. The reason why I chose that date is that the final wave in LINK's movement normally takes 14 days from the break of the range. If the fractal continues and it does breakout on December 11th, it's possible that the top would, in fact, be in 14 days from the range break, which would be December 25th.

As long as Chainlink does not break this Pennant structure, everything is still under control. If the Chainlink closes under this support and creates a lower low, everything goes out the window pretty fast.

It's the most important moment!

Re-upload guys , TA was taken down under house rules , my bad.
whos ready for the final run?
Where it all started !
Its time to finally put to rest this fractal 358days it did us well ! , what a run!
The top is in most likely , the top never comes in as you expect it

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