Chainlink is so undervalued !!! Long term Holder!!

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Chainlink’s oracles enable smart contracts to access off-chain data in a decentralized manner. Today, it’s the largest oracle provider with over $220 million in value secured. And it’s continuing to expand its ecosystem.

Its latest partnership is with Klatyn, the public blockchain project of Korean internet giant Kakao . Kakao is worth roughly $9 billion. And KakaoTalk, its popular messaging app, has over 50 million monthly active users.

With this partnership, Klaytn’s smart contracts can securely access off-chain data via Chainlink and use it to create applications. To that end, Klaytn is focused on large-scale enterprise applications and DeFi applications.

Google , the internet search giant with a market capitalization over $1 trillion, is now using Chainlink. It’s part of Google’s plan to adopt blockchain protocols and technologies by integrating them with its Google Cloud services. Its ultimate goal is to create hybrid blockchain/cloud applications.

The fact that the search engine giant is favoring Chainlink, in addition to Ethereum to make internet-hosted data available in an immutable blockchain, is great PR for the project. For now, Google is focused on specific use cases such as prediction marketplaces, futures contracts, and transaction privacy.