The link marines have a sour taste in their mouth , they are confused on why the link is not going up . If you go to the official chain link twitter you can see with every official link post showing the project's massive progress is met with a wave of angry investors asking why the price is falling and calling for the end of Chain link .

All we need to do is take a look at the whole picture to get an idea why the link is going down, look at that parabolic ascent since 2018! How can one think that this ascent was sustainable , it's been on a godlike run for years 32000% since June 2018 and yet everyone has lost faith in the project.

The link marines need to come to terms that Link had its blowoff top and has gone into a bear market and for the record link has been in a bear market before and that was 2018 , price retraced 88% and took about 500 days to return to all time high.

Chain Link could very well be repeating its bear market pattern from 2018 before continuing on another multi year run. If so I do believe that the bottom is not in , I still think Bitcoin is yet to capitulate , check out the TA below.

So if Bitcoin does capitulate to the 200 weekly moving average then the link still has to bottom . The golden box you see there is where I think the link will bottom sometime Late May -July 2022. If price does drop into this golden box then most likely it would wick down so best to set limit orders at 7.5-9.5 Dollars.

Why would the link price start dropping May 2022 well we have a time frame because of this Time fib chain link sequence on LINK/BTC dominance chart.

23rd May 2022 put it down in your calendar what happens this date I don't know it could be a pivot down ,up ,bottom or nothing.

Last few dates have gone up .

Now two new discoveries today that I found first is that the Fib spiral seems to come around back in July 2022 which is interesting because that's when I think we will have a cycle bottom in July 2022 , we normally take 30-50days to cycle bottom from major pivot so pivot end of May 2022 lines up with july 2022.

USDT dominance is the key to finding the bottom and that Fib sequence on that chart points to a July 2022 bottom.

The next discovery is a new Chain link fib sequence which as you see has hit every single top so far perfectly , amazing find today ,next date 3rd October 2022 , thats the Fib time dates on the main chart above.

So with everything I have found with Chainlink and these dates what I think could happen is the following :

1. 23rd May 2022 start pivot down to capitulate
2. Find a Bottom in the Golden Box around July 2022
3.3rd of October 2022 starts a parabolic run.
4.19th June 2023 return to all time highs.

So breaking the descending wedge on price and weekly RSi before June 2022 will invalidate everything .


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