Parabolic Curve Theory idea for $LINK vs USDT

This is a 3-day chart.
For full disclosure I'm a big $LINK accumulator because I believe in its robust features and fundamentals.
Currently price fluctuates around the 38USDT price level.
I've been researching a lot in Parabolic Curve Theory but don't remember having looked at Chainlink's exponential growth from a zoomed out perspective.

What I get is this:
There's a small Higher High (HH) around the 8.3 price level and short ranging period which could fit into my theory that PCT's are preceded by a small subwave around midwav to base 1 (.b1). Then we get:
A new HH around .236 fib., pullback and ranging period.
Another HH around the .386 fib, a pullback and short swing.
A recent HH at the .5 fib with a pullback.

This behavior is now typical of PCT and it places Chainlink on base 3 (.b3).

I'd expect $LINK price action to range towards the curve before an impulse to the .618 fib and after that one last impulse to the top of the curve. Market behavior should be like a panic buy sentiment and once it tops I'd also expect massive sell out for profit taking before it keeps moving on.
Price level for this setup is around 86USDT in roughly half a year (around october)