NYSE:LLY   Eli Lilly and Company
LLY why is in striking distance of highs also is very consolidated on the daily chart . with Q4 earnings are great. Over all earnings are strong with alot of demand for its COVID product.
207.5 buy point with about 25 point for growth.


Agonising watching the price inching closer for the last hour! Maybe Monday? Thanks for the tip. Am just starting out so have joined Investor Atlas. Looking forward to your recommendations for next week.
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@IanUK, great to have you! Yes it looks like it will move Monday or even Tuesday depending on the over all market. Just make sure to set your stop loss incase this one doesn't work out. My stop is at 329.99. Ill be sending out the watchlist to you sunday morning!
IanUK The_Level_Two
@The_Level_Two, How do you set your stop loss? I'm battling how to set this on trades to ensure I don't lose too much whilst at the same time not getting stopped out by temporary price resistance? Do you always protect your losses first and just accept getting stopped out on the odd trade? Looking forward to the watchlist. I'm trying to learn from you on spotting potential trades. On one of your videos I'd be interested on your thoughts about NIO. Is there potential in the next few days or do you think the highs in Jan will hinder any breakout? I'll mention it as a comment on your next live video :) Thanks once again.