Loopring vs Bitcoin 114% Potential Mapped | Great RRR

Loopring has been in an uptrend for almost 3 years vs Bitcoin.
As I mentioned in the Decred vs Bitcoin (DCRBTC) article, higher lows lead to higher highs...

Now, for LRCBTC the low was hit around January 2020.
And we have a very strong uptrend/bull market, higher highs and higher lows ever since.

We are looking at the action that has taken place recently since the May 2022 low.

After this low and the current the day, the indicators and signals are flashing green.

With a bullish break above EMA50 30-Nov., LRCBTC price can now continue to increase.
We also have 3 consecutive green candles, another bullish pattern, with a strong RSI... These signals are enough for me.

As usual, we look for pairs BEFORE they start to grow strong.
In this way we can extract trades that are low risk with a high potential for reward.

In this case we would use a tight stop-loss of less than 10%.
While the pontetial targets go beyond 111%.

Think about it... This is a great Risk Reward Ratio.
Trading is a numbers game.


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