LTC/BTC Prj, P01E02. Nice pullback, go back in

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As you know, LTC has been one of the outstanding performers of 2019.
And as such, we must keep an eye out on it, due to the halving many believe has created the bullish trend + other factors as well, eg. BTC trend.
On the charts, LTC is looking good again, against USD\T and against BTC .
As per the chart, its hit a good level on the pullback.
One might be conservative and wait for another green candle on the 4 HRLY and pass a key resistance.
One should also track BTC , for now, its consolidating and we might have another day or two for LTC to shine (due to BTC dominance)

I will update the observations as time develops.
Comment: Ahh that sucks. As I was reviewing to see when to jump in and comparing, and to post, it jumped. Now I have to re-evaluate.... still looking bullish

Comment: getting rejected pretty quick...
Comment: Who would have thought LTC against BTC would have been this bad. Almost where it started from. Since BTC is about to Break-Out again, I see LTC drop a little further to the 8/1 fib. fan line for a little bounce where it has a major resistance as per diagram.
Comment: LTC\USDT