[LTCBTC] Litecoin About To Explode [175% PP]

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BINANCE:LTCBTC   Litecoin / Bitcoin
I was looking closely at Litecoin yesterday. All the signals are there. The TD Sequential makes it look easy on the weekly time frame to spot the bounce as well as our strong support.

Litecoin (LTCBTC) is really solid when it starts to move up and the price also trends to hold a certain floor. It also becomes really resistant when in a bull market and Bitcoin drops, which is when most altcoins are hit, Litecoin normally stays strong. Good altcoin to buy for long term hold and diversification. One of the Top 10 altcoins by marketcap. and the first Bitcoin copy... Let's take a look at the chart: 
  • On the above chart, you can see the #9 candle being a Doji. Which is a reversal candle when it shows up at the bottom of a trend. This is clearly the bottom because of the increasing volume, strong support from which the price is bouncing, indicators curving and turning up as well as altcoin after altcoin exploding and growing up 2x in price. Litecoin won't be an exception. The chart's show that it is ready to move... already moving...
  • P.S. Litecoin is still in need of more volume.
  • Let's continue!

Trade instructions for the LTCBTC pair by Alan Masters Trades

Buy in: 0.00880 - 0.00966

Litecoin targets by Alan Masters :

(1) 0.01011
(2) 0.01161
(3) 0.01281
(4) 0.01421

Stop loss: Close weekly candle below 0.00800.

Capital allocation: <10%.


  • Always diversify: Split your money between several different trades.
  • Have a plan: Plan your strategy before you start trading.
  • Have patience: Always breath deeply and think before taking any action. If one opportunity goes, another one will come.
  • Be grateful: Always be grateful for your earnings/profits. Take your money and use it for your own growth, good and betterment.
  • Read Alan Masters: Your support is highly appreciated.
This is only the beginning. Here is the daily chart:
- RSI is at its highest since way. It is in a very clear uptrend since bouncing from bottom.
- MACD and STOCH are both on the bullish zone.
- We are also going to be looking at the highest volume in almost 5 months on the daily candle.
- Early signals... but early is best. Buy low to sell high.
- Namaste.
Trade active:
We are now within our buy in range as expected.

Feel free to buy in, rebuy and reload.

We are now hovering around the lower end of our buy in range.

Actively tracking Litecoin (LTCBTC). I'll keep you updated. Thanks for sharing.
Trade active:
Bounce is on its way, get ready for action/profits.
Very strong move, good volume on a Sunday, now challenging EMA50:
Might be just the beginning. November is a bullish month historically.

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