LTCUSD correction expected.

KRAKEN:LTCUSD   Litecoin / U.S. Dollar
LTCUSD correction expected. I expect a further increase in the medium term. Currently, litecoin completes the sequence of the second ascending wave of a double-wave structure. This level is symmetric to the wave axis. Therefore, I assume a corrective motion. The size of the corrective motion is shown in the red square. Its level can be 155 usd. After completing the corrective phase, I assume another rise with a target price of 222usd.


do you think that this kind of crypto still has potential or it has experienced its "booming " era?
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meszaros Karzon
@Karzon, Thank you very much. 👍😀
Holy shit bang on the axis line! 😮. Correction over now you think?