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Hi Everyone! I show in this video how Litecoin Saw a Sign of Weakness in Phase E well before any other MARJOR Top Market Cap coins. It looks like we have been in ACCUMULATION for quite a while with Litecoin. ALSO, The indicators in the Mid Term Group of time frames look more bullish compared to Bitcoin , Cardano and Ethereum ; which are in just now going into Phase E Distribution with a Sign of Weakness - OR - about to go into Phase E Sign of Weakness (ETH).

LTCUSD has a LOT OF SUPPORT at $40 to $45 price range. If we do see a drop down in LTCUSD , it has a high probability of being a Wyckoff Spring (finding support between $40 and $45) RATHER THAN ANOTHER Sign of Weakness in Phase falling substantially below $40.

This is my reasoning behind Litecoin being one of my top coins for ACCUMULATING at this present time. Please consider beginning to take as many coins off exchange NOW... I have my reasons behind doing this NOW... Please consider not having more than 5 percent of your equity on an exchange; with a broker or even in your bank for a while. The world is about to get rather bad soon politically, geopolitically, financially, economically and socially.

Hope this was helpful...

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Comment: UPDATE:

I MIS-SPOKE in regard to saying, "You can have multiple Signs of Weakness in Phase D." I MEANT to say, "You Can have multiple Up-Thrust/Last Point of Supply events in Phase D."

The ONLY Phase of Distribution in which you can have multiple "Sign of Weakness" events is in Phase E of Distribution. Just as the only phase in which you can have multiple "Sign of Strength" events in Accumulation would be Phase E of Accumulation.

BELOW: Example of MULTIPLE "Up-Thrust/Last Point of Supply" events in Phase D from January, 2018 to August, 2018 for BTCUSD:

Comment: UPDATE:

Cleaned Up the Recent Chart - with minor adjustments to help make events and phases a little easier to see and potentially understand; in regard to the previous chart posted to point out MULTIPLE Up-Thrust/Last Point of Supply events in Phase D:
Comment: UPDATE:

Added a few more text bubbles to the 2018 Distribution Schematic to provide more "clarity" of events in Distribution:
Comment: UPDATE:

2014 Distribution Period for Bitcoin shows MULTIPLE Sign of Weakness events in Phase E of Distribution:

Comment: UPDATE:

Educational Clarification on Events in Distribution
Comment: UPDATE:

I will "briefly" cover this Wyckoff Method 2.0 chart for LTCUSD soon in a video publication - OR - a LIVE Stream event.

Comment: UPDATE:

Copied the Blue Text Bubble then pasted the Blue Test Bubble in PRESENT DAY Distribution to reiterate the following:

We MUST "close" substantially BELOW
the Preliminary Supply RANGE before
we can CONFIRM a "Sign of Weakness."

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