TERRA LUNA CLASSIC About to Go Parabolic! $.50 Cents Incoming

Bitgolder Updated   
Luna has been on a tear lately. I made a chart back in June showing a cup and handle pattern with a measured move target of about .00055 (ill link the chart below). Luna hit the target and is now in a small consolidation, but I don't think its going to go much lower in this small correction before continuing to the upside. There is a nice rounded bottom pattern that has formed as well and .0006 ish will validate this pattern and a measured move to about $. 01 a penny looks very possible and I think possibly in the next couple weeks. There is also a possibility that with the fomo and hype that would hit when Luna actually hits a penny, it will bring in all the skeptics and the blow off could shoot Luna to 25 or even 50 cents. Do not think that can happen? Ask the Doge and Shib doubters how their comments aged when people who literally invested a couple hundred dollars became millionaire over night, literally! Some big things are happening for Luna, and some big players are getting in. Do not forget that CZ of Binance is salty over the Luna collapse. He lost $1.6 BILLION DOLLARS in the collapse. SO what if he has multiple billions, do you know how much a billion dollars actually is? I'm sure he wants his money back and then some and he is going to get it. Do not forget about those wallets accumulating Luna in the trillions a couple months back. What if CZ or some other major holder comes out and says they want to burn 5 trillion coins, its very possible. Vitalik Buterin burned about 40% of the total shib supply suddenly one day and the price of Shib went bananas. Anyways good luck out there and be safe. This is not trading or financial advice this is just my opinion. Thank you

Comment: And yes I know what the circulating supply is. Those higher numbers will only be reached if there is a massive burn of Trillions of coins, which i believe is in the works.
Comment: I don think this is possible anymore,the burns are no where near what everyone said they would be. At this rate it would take 20 years

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