LUNA CLASSIC > SHIB: The Rise And Fall Of Pump & Dump Sh!tcoins

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Hello good morning my fellow traders. I show in the chart above how LUNA and SHIB have almost identical chart patterns. Fractals aren't always perfect but when comparing two different pump and dump hype coins then they usually rhyme. All this little news and crap coming out for LUNA is the same type of crap that was coming out when SHIB had reached its peak and began falling. Dont believe me then go to google and type in Shiba Inu and look at the news back in 2021 when Shib topped out. This price manipulation with LUNA so CZ or other big holders can dump their holdings on millionaire dreamers and recoup their losses is disgusting. Please people for the love of god don't fall for this scam that has been happening over and over again in crypto with hundreds upon hundreds of pump and dumps throughout the years, and Ive been in crypto since 2015. They all end the same, a slow bleed out all the way back down to previous lows. When LUNA gets back down to .00004 then sure maybe buy a few and hope for a nice dead cat bounce at some point in the future. For now LUNA has finished its run and has topped out, its on its way back down to where it started this run, and it will take a little while for it to bleed out, especially with how many are staked and how long it takes to un-stake, and how many fools are hodling in hopes of striking it rich. I used to think that LUNA would do something good with all the "fake" positive news it had in the beginning before the run started, but I have since changed my view on it. The supply is just too high, and none of the current burns will bring the supply down for shit, I explain with the math how long it will take to burn 90 percent of LUNA in my previous post, more than 10 years. Also the community has turned into a bunch of obnoxious crybaby thugs trying to force exchanges to burn coins, its a terrible look. Plus UST is still de pegged and never will be pegged again. Algorithmic stable coins are banned anyways. I would put in a short and ride this thing all the way to bottom cause thats where its headed. There is way too many people out there holding way to many LUNA for it to ever go to a dollar. When the majority are saying that a coin will 1000x then it will not do that, it will instead to the opposite. When SHIB holders became millionaires they bought when there wasn't any hype. They weren't screaming 1000x SHIB from he rooftops before it went on its parabolic rise, they bought when no one was talking about it. Then it had its rise and those holders became millionaires. Then once it had its rise, the 1000x SHIB hype started, and millions of people got on board only to be disappointed. The hype period of SHIB was not when millionaires were made, it was instead the end of the massive rally up. The hype was created so there would be enough liquidity so the early early adopters/holders could dump their SHIB and turn their unrealized gains into real profits at the top. Without the hype period at the top in SHIB, none of those holders would have ever become millionaires, simply because there wasn't anyone to buy them regardless of the price before that. Get it now? This is where LUNA is at the moment the massive hype cycle so smart money can dump their bags on the little guy with the dream of becoming a millionaire. Plus it doesn't help that every you tuber and their mother is saying $1 LUNA simply to get clicks, subscribers, and likes, and the majority of those you tubers know exactly what is happening but they are lying to you so you sub to their channel. Most of those youtubers only have a hundred or so dollars invested in LUNA, they said so. If they really believed the crap they are spreading don't you think they would invest as much as they can, or even a few grand? If I truly believed something would 1000x then i would sell everything I own, I would search the cracks in the couches for change, and get a personal loan and go all in. They don't do that because they don't actually believe it, they just want your clicks. People need to wake up from this fantasy world they are living in with this LUNA crap. $1 $.10 or even $. 01 will never happen, EVER! LUNA will never be touched by any financial institution or any big money since its crash, unless they plan to pump and dump it for a quick Billion dollars.

CZ of Binance manipulated LUNA just right so he could recoup his almost 2 billion in LUNA losses from the crash. Hes probably made 5x that by now, why do you think hes fine with burning $4 Million dollars in fees every day? Cause hes making hundreds of millions of dollars daily pumping and dumping this thing on your faces. Hes the conductor of this hype train, and hes about to jump off and let the train crash and burn.

I wouldn't be surprised if CZ came out when LUNA bottoms to its previous low and says something to give this thing a dead cat bounce up another 500% and cause a mini hype rally and steal another quick billion from some fresh morons. Anyways thats my rant on all this crap.

This is not trading or financial advice, this is just my opinions and speculations. Thank you and I hope you all have an amazing day.

I will probably buy at the bottom and hold it till the bounce happens and ride it up again like I did on this run. I just trade it right now. Please do your own research. The only way and I meant the only way this coin will go up 100x is if some big honcho comes out and says they are burning trillions of coins. This coin is very unpredictable, so have your trigger finger ready and if you're worried about missing the 100x then look at the levels. If LUNA gets above .00036 then I would say we could make another run to at least previous highs. I dont think a 100x is coming anytime soon unless a major catalyst like the one I mentioned above happens. I dont think it will, no person in their right mind will burn that much money unless maybe they are positioned to make more on the rally they create with the burn than losing in the actual burn themselves. For that to happen though there would have to be a massive washout of all the current holders, just too many coins out there in peoples wallets. Anything is possible at any time with any coin, Ive seen it alot through the years. I am leaning way more towards a slow bleed from here down. Also if the whole crypto market goes on a rally because the FED pivots which is becoming more likely by the minute then LUNA may find a quick bottom around .00017 and then rally up to a new high maybe about .0001. It cant go too high, the market cap is already extremely overvalued for a token that has crashed and burned and its stablecoin is still de-pegged, not to mention LUNA doesn't solve any real world problems, it has only created them since inception. It also destroyed a large number of new investors in this space who probably hate crypto now. Just a bad juju coin!
Comment: I meant to say .001 if the whole market rallys into a bullrun and bitcoin goes to $200k