Matic poised for another test of New ATH @ $0.67 (93% Gain)

POLONIEX:MATICUSD   Polygon / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Update 20/03/2021
Since reaching a new ATH @ $0.57 after a Buy signal came from our script, Matic retraced down to $0.32 and is currently sitting in our Buy Zone to re-enter Buys to DCA /Accumulate at the 38.20% Fibonacci level @ $0.35. We expect another huge parabolic move for Matic to test the previous ATH @ $0.57 and further push towards the 127.20% Fibonacci level @ $0.67 in search of a new ATH , there is a potential Gain of 93% from the current price level. Be patient use current Buy zones to enter or re-enter to DCA /Accumulate from the current price level. Current Stochastics show an extremely oversold market and we are confident Matic will be in search of new highs in the coming days. Happy Trading :)

Update 20/03/2021
Nice set up from Buy Zone 1, potential test of the 50 SMA before bouncing back to the upside. #MaticUsd
*Update* Matic has hit our 161.80% Fibonacci Target @ $0.58. Great buy for everyone that got in and accumulated more coins at the critical buy zone areas.

Polygon (Matic) Buy Opportunity! Potential 68% Gain. Great Performance throughout the past month from Matic, this cryptocurrency is showing very strong continuation bullish momentum with HH and LL in a bullish range growing just over 240% over the past month. Matic seems to have found some resistance short-term between the 61.80%-78.60% showing indications of a weak retracement. Buy zone from current price level at 50% ($0.37) Fibonacci level for a sniper entry, but will also be looking to accumulate more coins around the 50% Fib level. Wait for price action, further confirmation from Stochastics showing oversold market before entering any Buys. Potential 68% Gain from Buy Zone 1 to 127.20 Fibonacci Level @ 0.68. The road to $1 Polygon (Matic) is clear. Use buy zones to map out your buys and DCA to accumulate more coins.

What is Polygon?
Previously known as Matic Network, Polygon is a framework for building interconnected blockchain networks.

It seeks to address some of Ethereum’s major limitations—including its throughput, poor user experience (high speed and delayed transactions), and lack of community governance—using a novel sidechain solution.

Rather than being a simple scaling solution like its predecessor Matic Network—which uses a technology known as Plasma to process transactions off-chain before finalizing them on the Ethereum main chain—Polygon is designed to be an entire platform designed for launching interoperable blockchains.

Through Polygon, developers can launch pre-set blockchain networks with attributes tailored to their needs. These can be further customized with a growing range of modules, which allow developers to create sovereign blockchains with more specific functionality.

Key Notes:

The race is on to be the first interoperability solution to go fully live. Polygon’s proof-of-stake chain and Plasma scaling solution are live, but developers can’t yet launch their own standalone or shared security chains on Polygon until these features are released. Likewise, neither ZK-rollups nor optimistic rollups have been launched on the network, with Plasma currently the only scaling solution available on Polygon.

Polygon’s rivals are also rushing to go live with their offerings. As of March 2021, Polkadot has yet to launch public parachains; and while Cosmos’ Stargate upgrade has seen the launch of its Inter blockchain Communication Protocol ( IBC ), it won’t become fully operational until IBC transactions are enabled on the network.