$MBRX Moleculin biotech $MBRX seems to have grit for sell

NASDAQ:MBRX   Moleculin Biotech, Inc.
The Marketmiracle advisor reported last night a major entry on the stock $MBRX with a potential profit of 300% approximately

The company Moleculin Biotech has several active trials all in the field of cancer research and recently also against covid, has recently presented quarterly and annual data far above the expectations of analysts.

Recently a reverse split of the stock has also been carried out that reduces the number of titles in circulation.

In fact, today the Miracle Viewer indicator that analyzes the graph in search of interests in the market of large players shows an increase in LONG positions by the institutions so you could implement an upward price action.

Analyzing the chart, the title seems to have some obstacles along the way but if the interests from the big will remain high will probably be surpassed with limited retracements, according to the signal of Marketmiracle the stock could go even further pushing at the price of 15,50 USD but I would not want in my graphical analysis to exceed the level I indicate as target as it is already a remarkable increment and during the path the title could lose strength.

I will try to free cash and enter the stock also because at the moment the balance seems to be shifting a lot on pharmaceuticals and biotech companies so personally I think this is a good opportunity. ( see related other ideas on other biotech and pharma titles )

We will see in the next hours and days if the forecast of Marketmiracle will prove effective.

This idea is based on the signal generated by the Marketmiracle advisor whose link you can find by scrolling at the bottom of this page.

Analysis based on the signals of Marketmiracle advisor.

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